The Teens

“When my sister Dorthea was six months old, my parents moved to Annapolis. That was about the fall of 1914. My Dad had already come to Annapolis and then my mother came down on the train by herself with the seven children, a six-month-old baby in her arms, all the luggage, everything. My mother only knew that she was looking for a place called Annapolis, to get off at Annapolis. And at that time, and I guess we still hear of it but we don’t hear it much, there was a place called ‘Annapolis Junction.’ They called out on the train, ‘Annapolis Junction!’ and my mother and the seven children got off. That’s about fifteen miles or so away from Annapolis! My mother always said it took her years to like Annapolis because her start was so terrible.

When I was growing up, the big attraction was the Naval Academy. That was such a big thing in our lives. We would play three sets of tennis in the morning. Then we would end up at the indoor Navy pool. We’d go home for lunch and then our neighbor, Professor Olivet, had a car and he would take us swimming over at North Severn. After supper we would go back for three more sets of tennis at the Academy and then swim in the little instruction pool. They would let kids and various people swim in the pool at nighttime. That was our childhood, our summers.”

As told by Mary Lee Schab to Beth Whaley for Remember Inc., in 1989.

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