The 1920’s

“Yes, I’m a native. I came over with Columbus! I’m a country person, believe me in the teens and twenties Eastport was strictly country. It was so country, it wasn’t even amusing. It was farmlands and fields. My mother drove a horse and buggy over the oyster-shelled roads of Bay Ridge Avenue and Chesapeake Avenue. When we built our store at the corner of Chesapeake and Bay Ridge Avenues in 1950, we could still watch the owners of the farm across the street plant tobacco. He would drive the tractor and his wife sat on the back and would stick the tobacco plants in the earth. Our store was on the triangle there on Chesapeake and Bay Ridge Avenues and in the back was a very long soda fountain. I was so excited the day the store opened. Oh I cried and cried. I thought nobody would come in! Our neighbors and friends helped us open and, good heavens to Betsy, Carl Meekins came in and washed the dishes and another neighbor raked leaves outside! We opened in 1951 and we did very well until we sold it in 1964. We decided to dissolve the business because the shopping center was coming in and we were worried about the competition. The thing I missed were the people.”

As told by Claudia Cullimore to Sharie Valerio in March 1990 for “The Annapolis I Remember” project

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