Tavern in Annapolis


There was a tavern in Annapolis that was rather unique. The owner was always behind the bar which was a gathering place for professors from St. John’s College and the Naval Academy, watermen and storytellers like my late father, Selden Lacey. Inexpensive drinks, a full  variety of locals, laughter and political discussions. It closed always at 8pm. Anyone else remember the name of the owner and the establishment?

Published: Friday, 28 November 2014 16:36 Written by Sharie Valerio

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4 Responses to Tavern in Annapolis

  1. whaleykaren says:

    The owner was Sam Lorea and it was Lorea’s Tavern!


  2. Dennis says:

    On Saturday morning at 11:00, Miss Florance would show up in front of SAM’S, with a grandchild in tow pushing a shopping cart full of crab cakes. 25 cents bought you a crab cake on two Saltine crackers with mustard. We would buy plates full, sit in a booth with a beer and eat. Sam was serving, Ernie was stocking. We would eat and drink and laugh till the wind picked up, and off we’d go! Sam was the guint essential, Annapolitain. A true treasure.
    Lucky enough to have met him. Dennis of Naptown


  3. Dennis says:

    The picture is of Sam at the door, Ernie hanging on the parking meter


  4. Yvonne Wright says:

    I sold posters of him for $1.00 and had him autograph them.


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