St. John’s College

Comment below with your stories about St. John’s College. Were you a Johnnie? When did you graduate? Croquet parties? Did you attend when there was a Lacrosse team? What was a favorite theater or art production?

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  1. Mike says:

    When I was in high school, my mother worked at St. John’s College in the Financial Aid office. This meant that I was allowed to use the college facilities – such as the gym. What a great experience this was for me! I used to walk over to the college after school, go to the deli in the basement of McDowell Hall and then study or work-out in the gym. The hamburgers were my favorite thing to order. It was neat sitting around with a bunch of college students and reading books among them. I was not that much younger than they were, and in fact, I was the same size as many of them. I felt like I belonged there – it was a special place. Everyone was friendly – probably because they thought I was a student there. The gym was very cool. It was ancient – parts of it were super old and in original condition. It was used, hundreds of years ago, as a horse stable. The stables have since been replaced with a large basketball court and side rooms with work-out equipment. The second level has an elevated wooden track for running that overlooks the b-ball court on the lower level. It is really amazing, and it creaked when I jogged on it. The campus it still, to this day, one of my favorite places to walk and visit when I am in town. The sad thing is, I can no longer get the exclusive access I once had to the gym, because my mother no longer works there. But there is always the deli!


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